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bThe usage category contains blocks of the following type in ROBO Pro Coding:

  • Color selection
  • Wait
  • Python Code
  • Start
  • Function execution

Color selection

This block serves as an input value if a color is queries (for instance if the camera is completing a color comparison). You can click or touch the color to choose one of a range of 70 colors.


Wait until the time has expired

The block wait [] ... prevents the program from continuing to run for the indicated wait time. You can select the time unit in the drop down menu (small triangle) as well as the desired pause length in the input field beside it.

Wait with condition

In the wait until block, the pause is linked not to the time but to the fulfillment of a condition (such as whether a button is pressed). The condition is added to the wait until block.

Python Code

If you would like to integrate existing Python Code into ROBO Pro Coding, you can insert it into the Python Code block. The program will then execute everything written in the block in Python. 


The start when block is also linked to a condition. The program in the block body will only start once this condition is fulfilled.

Function execution

You can use the execute function ... in a thread to execute the selected function in a separate thread. In some cases, this measure can allow the program to continue reacting to inputs and to be executed more quickly.